Security Centre

We cannot overemphasise the importance of keeping your credit card safe and being vigilant when you are using it. Take the necessary steps to protect yourself from scams, ATM thieves and other hoodlums preying on your hard-earned cash.

  • Top Tips

    Top Tips

    • Sign the back of your credit card as soon as you receive it
    • Keep your pin safe and private. Don't save your PINs and sensitive information on your cellphone
    • Scrutinise your statement every month
    • Never lose sight of your credit card when you're conducting a transaction
    • Your credit card has a chip as well as a magnetic strip which comes in handy when you are using it to shop.
  • Protect yourself online

    Protect yourself online

    • Ensure you shop at trusted online sites
    • Use anti-virus software all the time
    • Ensure you are protected by 3D Secure verification technology when shopping online
  • Banking scams

    Banking scams

    • Be suspicious of unusually long email addresses
    • We will never send your statement via a link
    • Virgin Money will never ask for your card and PIN number in emails or any communication
    • Phishing occurs when fraudsters send an email and request customers to update financial or personal information
    • Beware of pharming. This is when your device/machine has been infected by a virus that attacks the Domain Name Server (DNS), redirecting a customer to a fake website instead of your intended site
    • Beware of SIM Swaps. Your personal information may be stolen and used illegally
  • ATM security

    ATM security

    • Be vigilant when using your credit card at any ATM
    • Stand close to the ATM when you punch in your PIN number
    • Don't give your PIN to anyone
    • Don't ask for help or accept assistance from strangers
    • Cancel the transaction when you feel someone is watching you
    • Do not use an ATM with damaged keypads

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